How It Works

19 Dec

Want to leave a message or question for Jessie Kenalogak? Here’s how:

Leave a comment here: Choose a work from the menu on the right side of the blog and leave your question or comment.

In person: If you visit the museum, you can fill out a question or comment card. These are posted inside the exhibition and will make their way to the blog shortly. Or, scan the QR Code next to any work to leave your question or comment here.

Ask away!

-Posted by: Alysa Procida, MIA’s Educational Coordinator




We’re Live!

6 Nov

The Unique World of Jessie Kenalogak has officially launched! In addition to being able to leave your comments about specific works in the exhibition, this will also be a space where we can have different kinds of conversations about the exhibition and Kenalogak’s works.

I’m interested to know what aspects of her work visitors find interesting and would like to talk about more. Leave any ideas in the comments – or I’ll just start with something I think is interesting!

As a reminder, you can leave questions for the artist or just comments about the pieces on display using the links on the right side of the page, which correspond to individual works in the exhibition – or leave your comment on a card inside the museum’s exhibition space. We will continually forward these to Jessie Kenalogak and post any responses she gives us.

-Posted by Alysa Procida, MIA’s Educational Coordinator

The Unique World of Jessie Kenalogak at the Museum of Inuit Art

25 Oct

On October 28, 2011 the Museum of Inuit Art in Toronto is launching a special exhibition of works by Jessie Kenalogak. We are encouraging visitors to respond to these works and share their thoughts with the museum and with the artist. Visitors are invited to view the objects, scan the related QR Code and post a comment or question to these pages. Visitors can also leave their comments on physical cards within the museum.